Best Pen Pal Apps for Android & iOS

Best Pen Pal Apps for Android & iOS

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33 thoughts on “Best Pen Pal Apps for Android & iOS”

  1. Believe me I'm using Slowly for about a year and it's the best and I'm also using bottled but it's not that effective

  2. Hmm, Slowly is becoming the most popular. I'll keep that as the first preference.

  3. I want to send letters like actual physical letters!Ive tried websites but I can’t find any!Help!!!

  4. Any pen pal site or app is good as long as it's not Pen Pal World, that one sucks so bad!

  5. meu deus, como que eu vou entender o app sendo que ele é do usa, pela mor de deus coloca legenda gente

  6. I have been using slowly, bottled,and replika for a year now and it's an awesome experience

  7. You can send me a letter, don’t be afraid I’m nice and friendly!
    My Slowly ID: LVJ8Z5

  8. I've tried Bottled a year ago. It was okay.
    Very few decent people to talk to, mostly thirsty dudes. That was before though. Dunno if it's better now.

  9. Replika must be a better A.I. with enhanced emotional learning system compared to google assistant ?

  10. I've tried replika for a week, have deleted it cuz it gets boring as you talk for long. But it's worth a try tho, you can probably expect that everytime you chat it would reply instantly, if you're tired of waiting for your messenger to ring or waiting for someone to reply then this one is probably for you, you should try it out.

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