Bigo live hack 2017 (no root) 100000%

Bigo live hack 2017 (no root) 100000%

Guys if you are a bigo user and you want yo try something new you are in the right place.
In this video you will learn how to change location on bigo live without root
I have done each and every steps properly so you can do it for yourself. Incase you missed some steps in video above.
Follow my steps..
1) change you location setting to DEVICE ONLY
2) download an app called itroll
3) open developer option(if you don’t know how to? Then i have showed it in the video above)
4) allow mock location or select itroll as your mock location app(as i have done above)
5)force close bigo live app
6) go to itroll and search any place you wanna go and the app will fo rest of its job
7) open bigo live and enjoy…
If you face any problem feel free to leave a comment i will help you for sure
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  6. How to get anti kick on bigo live when I talk in the broadcaster chat I can't get kicked out or muted ?

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