Debug to iOS Devices Over Wi-Fi | The Xamarin Show

Debug to iOS Devices Over Wi-Fi | The Xamarin Show

Follow along on this weeks Xamarin Show as James shows you how to setup your iOS device to wirelessly debug from Visual Studio on your Windows PC!

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15 thoughts on “Debug to iOS Devices Over Wi-Fi | The Xamarin Show”

  1. Step-1 Buy and Iphone, a Mac and a PC
    Step-2 Connect your iphone to your Mac
    Step-3 Code on your PC because you are too cool to Code on a Mac

  2. But think of all the accessories that work through the port. it is much more complex than you descbribe in this video.

  3. Utterly confused how to accomplish what you're trying to explain in the video. I'm not sure how you managed to take 5 minutes to make a simple process so complicated.

  4. I think too complicate when you need to deploy simple app you need PC, Mac, IOS phone, The Technology must develop as simple as possible, not complicate like that !

  5. Should just mention the fact that the phone requires a passcode for this to work, Small but annoying detail

  6. James, I still have a problem with connection Windows -> Wifi -> Mac -> Wifi -> iPhone. I have a message “`Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

    Error No valid iOS code signing keys found in keychain. You need to request a codesigning certificate from TravelRecordApp.iOS “` And not sure what to do?

  7. Can you create a cookie? The staging site I want to access needs a cookie that we normally create via console

  8. Like if you hate that apple requires you to have a mac just to build applications for their users. I have an iPhone and a Windows PC. But cant create apps unless I have a mac… just threw my iPhone in the pool.

  9. what version of xcode we need to do this? i installed a VMWare on W10 with Mac OS X 10.11 only let me install XCode 8.2.1 i'm downloading right now, haven't proved yet!

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