Everything NEW with Messages in iOS 15! Photos & Shared With You!

Everything NEW with Messages in iOS 15! Photos & Shared With You!

Apple has improved Messages with the release of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Here, I walk you through all the changes you can expect when this update is available in the fall of 2021.

Chapters ➡
0:00 Intro
0:42 UI changes?
0:56 Photos
1:50 Pins
2:45 Photos iMessage app
4:01 Shared with You
6:12 Memoji

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31 thoughts on “Everything NEW with Messages in iOS 15! Photos & Shared With You!”

  1. 5:50 Photos it does not work with. That’s exactly why I’m here. Shared With You for photos has never worked for me ever since 15.0

  2. I want to know how to shut off, show in shared with you? Because I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️ all that it’s doing? How is it sharing things from text?! Strait to Facebook?! Can you explain more on this?

  3. Stacked photos (which extends to screenshots) is a pain.I want to see things quickly in an ordered fashion not stuffing around like a 13 year old school girl. This feature needs an off button fast!

  4. Very helpful, informative, and also right to the point with no useless filler! Thanks for the video

  5. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME IF I MUTE SOMEONE MESSAGES DOES IT LET THEM KNOW? Or is that only when I put my phone on dnd.

  6. It’s about time they added the numbered-order in which the pictures will send. No matter how many times I’ve tried to send pictures in the order I click on them, they’d never send in order. I don’t send pictures all the time, but this was a frustrating moment when I’d try to send pictures of documents in order of which I’d want them to send only to then realize that they were out of order.

  7. Can anyone tell me why I cant send pictures on my snapchat ( to people or to my story) it says it failed?

  8. The stacks in messages are not working for for me on IOS 15. I’ve never seen this working, all through Beta testing.

  9. Hello I have a question about Replying on someone’s message from the Lock screen. Is apple be able to bring back the old style or we always have to press the specific one and get used to it?

  10. I do not want photos that were messaged to me to show up in my camera roll unless I manually save them. Is there a way to turn this feature off? I don’t need a bunch of Memes and crappy photos taking up my camera roll that people sent me.

  11. Great! Did they improve the emojis search bar? I always found it difficult to close it

  12. Sharing segments of podcast… My number one issue in the past.(which I’ve reported to Apple several time to request as a feature) shared podcast Start and end point so someone can only listen to a few minutes and what I wanted them to focus in on. I usually send the link to the podcast with a message that says start listening from three minutes and end at five minutes 20 seconds. Hopefully Apple add this so when we send a start an endpoint it’s already queued up.

  13. On WhatsApp, you can delete an already sent message on your phone and on the phone of the person you are sending it to. Will ios15 give us this possibility.

  14. That camera button is for Facetime Video. Apple didn't put in a Facetime Audio button next to it?

  15. I hope Apple considers combining items for those dealing with physical limitations. Like: The ability to add a hearing aid, a broken nose, and an eye patch to the same Memoji. And, what about those of us with anxiety? Can I add "scared s___less" expressions quickly and easily, without actually freaking out at that particular moment? This nonsense passed "stupid" about 10 miles back.

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