How to Connect FitPro app to your Y68 Smartwatch in iOS/iPhone

How to Connect FitPro app to your Y68 Smartwatch in iOS/iPhone

How to Connect FitPro app to your Y68 Smartwatch in iOS/iPhone

We have here a tutorial on how to connect/pair your FitPro app to your smartwatch, this is with the iOS or iPhone. Learn on how to pair your smartwatch with FitPro App.

FitPro APP is a smart software that’s compatible with smart bracelet devices. This APP can connect to smart bracelet and smart watch via Bluetooth. It can detect and evaluate the user’s sports data, sleep quality, heart rate and blood pressure, etc. It is very convenient to monitor and adjust your daily life.

Troubleshooting Guide for FitPro app:

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Here is a step by step process in how to connect the FitPro app to your smartwatch (Y68 smartwatch) in iOS (iPhone). See the process in how to synchronize your FitPro app to smartwatch

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48 thoughts on “How to Connect FitPro app to your Y68 Smartwatch in iOS/iPhone”

  1. Thanks. I have charged the watch but can’t seem to turn it on; thus I can’t proceed to synchronize it with my iPhone! Pls help.

  2. nothing came up when i pressed the devices thing it just said scan and it was loading but i waited for hours nothing came up

  3. Can I cancelled the download fitpro then log another one I cannot complete my upload device disconnect.

  4. You didn’t say how to connect it so we can listen to music and switch the songs

  5. Weirdly mines even if it’s connected I cannot really connect it to the app but it’s connected on the phone I don’t know what Is going on i tried re installing my app but still

  6. Hi. My y68 smart watch is not conecting in fitpro its is committing. Pls reply Thank you?

  7. When I tap the device it says device connection for ages and not going onto main screen pls help ?

  8. Thank so much you for making this video. My watch did connect to my phone but it for some reason the camera feature still doesn't work with it.

  9. You said we should ask questions and you not even replying to anyone. Why can’t I make calls with it. Thought everything on my phone is connected to it now

  10. Hi there. When binding the watch to my phone it won't connect. Only the first setting connects and the rest shows 'committing ' and then it says device disconnected

  11. It's really explanatory, thanks for that,but it just s howing once in awhile and it's not scrolling again.
    It's will just blink and face off

  12. I think this is a cheap smart watch right anyway how good is this watch compare to Apple or others what is the price of this watch .

  13. I have just bought a y68 smart watch I charged it for 2hours but the watch only runs for 3 hours before needing to be charged again is this normal

  14. You gave a good demonstration on the smartwatch. I have one just like it and found a lot of different faces that can be used. How do you get them to work?

  15. After downloaded I found all app but Call reminder is not active and I can't fix it as it is blacl in colour resulted I can't make a call or receive any call from my watch. Please advice me what to do ?

  16. thanks for the help now i can use my watch,the only thing is how come it says >>> remote shutter to my phone and i cant take a photo 🙁 could u pls. kindly help me? i really appreciated it if u can help me with this? thanks.

  17. Actual reading in pulse oximeter (91%)is not matching with what displayed by the watch (99%).How to calibrate the watch to show correct reading?


  19. Omg I'm going crazy here, it says device disconnected! And I've tried a thousand times ?

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