How to Create Screw Conveyor in Tekla Structures 2016 i

How to Create Screw Conveyor in Tekla Structures 2016 i

How to Create Screw Conveyor in Tekla Structures 2016 i


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  1. Hello sir! is it possible to create conical item or make a curved surface using only PLATE tool in 21.1 ver. of TEKLA structure…
    If possible then please give a example…Thank you

  2. I just want to know in tekla any option for get unformed length of wave like shape plate. How to create single part drawing of plate. Plate all corners point has different cordinates at x.y.z direction…

  3. i wont to have 2 grid line perpendicular to each other or in angle, how can i do that? think about a large building i need like 2 grids in order to cover the whole building

  4. Cool video, not made the move to 2016 yet but Im loving the helix tool.
    A couple of comments about the way you manipulate your model; it's really slow and quite painful to watch. Why do you keep accessing the view commands to rotate your model, just press ctrl R and pick a point in the model to rotate it.
    Picking mirror points, turn your 'snap to any position' on, (I never turn this off), pick a point on your part, Press O to switch on ortho mode and drag your cursor anywhere in space and click, if you do this you will see a green 90 or 45 degree indicator at the original pick point depending on which direction you move, works in iso or plane views and works same for copying or moving, select part and command, pick any point in the model drag the cursor in the direction you want and type in the value as normal. I continually switch the O command on and off and never ever have to access the view menu. Also the way you added your bolts to the angle iron was bad practice too, (certainly for the UK) work from the centre of the angle, type in your preferred back mark in the Dx box, pick the heel at the mid point and the toe of the bolted flange and add your bolts in the Y plane, whether your trial and error setting out your bolt spacings or working them out with maths, my method will give you equal distances at each end of the angle iron every time. Hope ive not offended you, I will certainly be referring to more of your vids when I eventually force my self to upgrade from 2018.

  5. Hi Mr Maurice, im trying modelling a bubbledeck slab, but i dont know how i will do that.. so, can you, please, show how to do, or say some tip or trick to solve my problem?
    Thanks, and keep doing this grat work.

  6. mr maurice
    i have a problem with a model i'm creating
    when i try to snap to the upper level it snaps to the lowest one instead could you please help me ?

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