How To FIX Unable To Verify App on iOS 15 & 14! [EASY]

How To FIX Unable To Verify App on iOS 15 & 14! [EASY]

How To Fix Unable To Verify App iOS 15 | Avoid the error: ” Unable To Verify App ” on iPhone & iPad! Are you trying to open a 3rd Party App and see a message saying Unable To Verify App? If so, this video is for you! I will teach you how to fix Unable To Verify App on your iPhone & iPad. Your apps show Unable To Verify App Error or Crash, due to installing a blacklisted 3rd Party Apps store, or keeping 3rd Party Apps on your device for too long. When Apple detects this, the certificate powering the 3rd Party Apps break.

If you recieve the Unable To Verify App message, don’t fret, the Unable To Verify App issue can be solved, regardless if you’re running the latest iOS 15 or iOS 14. This tutorial will teach you first how to avoid the Unable To Verify App message from ever appearing on your iPhone or iPad, then how to fix Unable To Verify App on iOS 15 or 14, meaning by the end, your 3rd Party Apps will open, without any issues! Make sure to watch the full video, as if you skip any part of my tutorial, you will recieve the Unable To Verify App message, meaning you will have to fix it over and over again. This tutorial only covers how to fix the message ” Unable To Verify App. An Internet connection is required to verify trust of the developer “, and no other Unable To Verify App message, keep that in mind.

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46 thoughts on “How To FIX Unable To Verify App on iOS 15 & 14! [EASY]”

  1. its worked for me a few times but now it doesnt work anymore please help or explain why is that

  2. This is dumb… who wants to delete all their data…. Zini use to be good but nowadays the longer I try to hold on to it the more headaches I get. ??Zini I’m over it

  3. DONT DO THIS THIS DOESNT WORK RESETTING YOUR PHONE WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM The problem has nothing to do with your phone or its data don't waste your time and don't delete all your data PLEASE

  4. Does my apps and games(normal app store) get deleted when I reset my phone? Pls answer!

  5. cant access my icloud thin in my apple id because it says that its familly information, is there a way to get around this?

  6. I did what the video asked for which was to back up my data and reset my iphone, it was a long process and it took me 4 hours to recover all my data, when I had all the things on my phone as normal mind are, the app still appears so, I thought I had to download it again on the same page that I downloaded it told me to '' trust that app'' I did it as I always do and I still get the same error, in my experience it is better not to do not reset your phone because it does not work.

  7. I'm so jealous of everyone that this works for, I've tried it twice and I still get the 'Unable to verify' popup. Do you haveany idea why this might be and what I can do about it?

  8. Your honestly the best,with the capcake ?,I understood it messes it up,thanks so much

  9. So earlier today i was playing forbidden memories until my app crashed then it wouldnt open, everytime id try and get in it, it would just auto crash. Would this be a solution to that problem? same goes for every 3rd party app i tried to install, "integrity could not be verified" and if i happen to factory reset, would the backups cover every bit of data on my phone and games?

  10. Is this permanent once you reset your iphone's data? Or you need to do this often?

  11. f for me. I did this and not only did I waste my time and did not get the app. Rip me.

  12. I reset my phone every days because of this.. the certificate is always blacklisted

  13. If i reset my ipad will my delta progress be deleted or not?
    Edit: im asking this this cos i dont wanna lose my 56 hours of work in pokemon ruby

  14. I watched the video I reseted my phone and I got my data got my panda helper and the app I want and it didn’t work

  15. I accidentally fixed the problem turning off my wifi and turning on my data (the unable to verify for wifi connection one)

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