How To Make Full Time Income On BIGO LIVE ( HOW BIGO LIVE WORKS)

How To Make Full Time Income On BIGO LIVE ( HOW BIGO LIVE WORKS)

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45 thoughts on “How To Make Full Time Income On BIGO LIVE ( HOW BIGO LIVE WORKS)”

  1. I wish I had seen this before my audition because I am clueless and my agency is not helping

  2. I left tictok to try BIGO and I went live twice and got banned both times for playing a movie it was a Disney cartoon. People are playing Rambo and Avatar lol can you please help me with what I’m doing wrong ? Thank you

  3. Accountants are called bean-counters 🙂 thats a bad guess. Loved this!!! Thanks for posting

  4. hello please can you help me and I also have a bigo account and it blocked me because a friend of mine took out a toy gun and my account was blocked and I would like to recover it please

  5. Bigo is very strict about showing,nudity,bottles of liquor or smoking.Can't show any of those on camera or they'll ban you.Everyone must adhere to their rules.

  6. Hi there glad I found your channel you have a new subscriber I just downloaded the BIGO yesterday and before I go live I definitely want to know what I’m doing you sound very experienced thank you for uploading this video?? oh and I think the reason why they make all that beans I know that beans is an old-school word for money lol

  7. It’s January 20, 2022, I’m 30sec into this video and I’m already glad I found her ?

  8. Heyy crissy i wanted know should i join a family 1st then join a agency am confused

  9. This chick is legit found her two years ago when I wanted to become a cam model . Fast forward to now and I've been full time for well over a year now lol. "good Advice"

  10. Mannnn listen I want to support other but it’s the energy for me. I promise I made my own rooms cause I couldn’t find what I was looking for. But u do attempt to show others love

  11. I’m on Bigo Live, new to the app. Lol I’m not stripping that’s dead but I want to spread the love and knowledge! So I do music, God talks, sharing videos and discussions. How can I come up. I have a lot of fans so far and been on every day since I downloaded

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