In App Purchases Tutorial – Auto Renewable Subscriptions (SwiftUI, iOS)

In App Purchases Tutorial – Auto Renewable Subscriptions (SwiftUI, iOS)

RevenueCat makes it easy to add in app purchases to your SwiftUI app! Get a free account here:

Hey CodeCrew, this is a SwiftUI series where i’ll be teaching you how to monetize your app with in-app purchases!
You’ll learn how to:
– Process one time purchases
– Add subscriptions to your app
– Programmatically present different offers to your users
– Analyze and make sense of your stats so you can make decisions

This video continues from the previous lesson on In-App Purchases where we added RevenueCat SDK to our Xcode project:

Note: You’ll need a paid Apple Developer Account in order to implement and test In App Purchases.

? Resources used in the video

Get your Free RevenueCat account:

Xcode project:

Best Practices for Adding App Store IAP:

App Store Connect:

Apple Developer Program:

⏱ Time Stamps ⏱
00:00 Intro
00:32 Outline
01:25 Configuring in-app purchase subscriptions in App Store Connect
10:59 Add the IAP subscription product to RevenueCat
15:01 Adding the RevenueCat SDK and initializing Purchases framework
16:25 Code for purchasing subscription products
18:00 Checking the user entitlements
24:10 Implementation for the mediation app demo
23:33 Testing in-app purchases on an iOS device
34:16 Recap
35:06 Checking analytics on the RevenueCat dashboard
36:07 Conclusion

? The SwiftUI Reference Books I Use – SwiftUI Views Mastery –
? How I Monetize My Apps – RevenueCat –
? My Automation Tool of Choice – Bitrise –
?‍? What I Use For App Design – Figma –
? Figma Design/Prototyping Course – Skillshare –

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21 thoughts on “In App Purchases Tutorial – Auto Renewable Subscriptions (SwiftUI, iOS)”

  1. Thanks for your video. Nevertheless, my project manages to be built but impossible to read my subscriptions from my account. can you help me ? thank you

  2. Hello Chris, I am in India and we see all the other option to add a subscription but not the auto-renewable one. Which one should I choose in case I have a Calm like app. Pls help

  3. Chris, I have to say it again, You and your team are the best! I also have one question, maybe I can find it online but I would like to it to you anyways. When I am a user and I would buy the subscription, which payment provider do I use? Can I use PayPal or only Apple Pay or something else?

    Love your hard work!

  4. Hello Chris … I just watched this tutorial , amazing , straight forward and user friendly video . I understood the way revenue cat works . Actually I'm building an app that requires In app purchase. I want to know two things from you :
    1. Is revenue cat free to use for inn app purchase ?
    2. After I set up the code and everything working in Sandbox mode ….. it doesn't need actual currency to purchase . How can I convert this sandbox mode to production when I will submit my app to store ? And how to test that it actually debit $34 from user account when they make transaction?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Hey Chris! Roughly how long should this take an experienced developer to add to an iOS app?

  6. I now face another issue which says "The receipt is invalid"
    I have tried both the StoreKit file method as well as testing with a sandbox user in Iphone 11 (physical device) but the issue seems to persists,
    I can make the purchase successfully but this is what is the issue

  7. I keep getting Invalid Product Identifier
    Is it necessary to get the purchase reviewed by apple?

  8. Hey Chris. This is my first time adding in app purchases to any app! I have created an app and ready to put on the AppStore. I want to hold back a few options as a one-time purchase but the app is free other than that. What i am not sure of how i only include certain options of the app for a paid one-time price – what i mean is, if a user clicks buy, then how does he/she get those extra options for their app only? If agreed, I would be willing to send you via email the file showing where the options are that are for limited for full access, if acceptable?

  9. Hi Chris, how are you?
    I have a question regarding the design and code of the apps.
    I made the code for my app in Xcode, but the design is not what I want, I can use one of the platforms you said to make the design of my choice right?
    But, how do I pass the design created on these platforms, to Xcode to launch the app?
    Thanks for listening

  10. Hi Chris! Thank you for you videos. I've been thinking to create an app for about 2 years, about 6 months ago i decided to put the idea into design then develop it. I created the social media accounts and reserved the domain name. I shared some UI designs online on Reddit and the feedback was an instant success. I reached out to a podcast for advertisement and they told me i was the first to person to ask about running ads on their pod, a week later they chose to go with a friend who has "similar idea". There was nothing like on app stores then all the sudden 3, 5, 6, 10 apps launched within a month (October) same concept but different features, one of the app had the same name. When my app goes live do i register it as the same name, what will Apple or Google say?

  11. Really great video! This has been super helpful. I’m really excited for the video on using RevenueCat’s offers. I’m also really excited to see your tutorials on how to build out the full Meditation app. Thanks again for this and thank you to RevenueCat for making this possible as well!

  12. This will be my first time. So I’m glued to these videos to see how it work

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