iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak – JellyLock7 – FREE Lock screen Tweak

iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak – JellyLock7 – FREE Lock screen Tweak


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47 thoughts on “iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak – JellyLock7 – FREE Lock screen Tweak”

  1. guys don't use jelly lock if ur in safe mode unistall it go to help it worked because I'm in 8.4 i don't know if it worked for 3.4 and lower

  2. why when i touch it, it goes to the right a little and i cant see the unlock symbol

  3. is there  a way to change the app size of the shortcuts? i got it on my iPhone and the size is relatively small. 

  4. Here is the archive of all my Jailbreak Tutorials.
    UnlockiOSNow. co m.
    you should check this:

  5. News & Guides to help you understand your iOS device 
    UnlockiOSNow. com.
    you really need to check this:

  6. i recommened untill this gets fixed to get androidlockxt might not have this but has cool android locks! and if you want a shortcut thing then probably id recommend cccontrol which will let you do these things to the controlcenter

  7. Every time I download jellylock7 onto my phone, it crashes my phone to safe mode and won't work until I uninstall it. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am currently running a iphone 4s version ios 8.1 , it crashed when i went to put the shortcuts , it automatically sent me into safe mode although i deleted the tweak i reinstalled to see if it'll go away but it didn't. Is the owner of this tweak been notified about this situation. MUCH HELP NEEDED

  9. How do you get your phone to go back to the lock screen instead of the home screen?

  10. omg thnx i have been looking for this tweak for while now!!! i love your videos!

  11. Hi, is there any tweak like u can lock ur screen movement..not guide acess…
    I want to trace some drawing but when I put my paper and star drawing , d screen star moving and hard to trace.. Pls help..

  12. Hey when i try hold my finger on the circle my screen goes abit to the left, how do i fix this?

  13. i just jailbroke my iPad 2 last night with pang and I'm looking for some great ideas to make my lock screen and home screen look amaze

  14. why does jellylock7 is moving in my lockscreen when i put my finger in the circle the screen will move a little bit to the right? help please. ty

  15. For this tweak to work properly, you should download another tweak called nolockbounce. It disables the moving of the lock screen when you touch the circle to unlock the phone, my guess is that iTwe4ks has that, or at least some other similar tweak.

  16. They should have this for iOS 8, mine is not jailbroken, I'm waiting for iOS 8 and then hopefully jailbreak it by the time iOS 8 comes out, just brainstorming on what tweaks I should have in the future.

  17. So , Im stuck on my lockscreen. I try to swipe over to type in my passcode and nothing happens. Im just stuck on my lockscreen. Help please. Also the bubble doesn't work.

  18. the whole screen bounces when i touch the circle. is there a way to stop that?

  19. Hi whenever i hold the circle my screen goes to the right a bit on both my ipad mini and iphone. How can i stop that? thank you 

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