MULTIPLE ways to edit Home Screen app icons on iOS #shorts

MULTIPLE ways to edit Home Screen app icons on iOS #shorts

Daily Apple tips in under 60 seconds. Good morning! In today’s Daily Quick Tip for November 15, 2021, I show you a few methods for entering Home Screen edit mode on iPhone. These are just basic building blocks, but stay tuned, because this is just the start!

This week’s Daily Quick Tips:
– A more efficient way to move iOS Home Screen app icons on iPhone –

There are several ways to enter edit mode to move icons around on the iPhone’s Home Screen. Actually, there are lots of tips and tricks to share about moving apps on iPhone, and we’ll discuss many more the rest of this week. Be sure to check back each morning for a new Daily Quick Tip.

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16 thoughts on “MULTIPLE ways to edit Home Screen app icons on iOS #shorts”

  1. Thanks for watching our first Daily Quick Tip, or DQT for short. A sub-60-second YouTube #Short to start each day. This is a pilot program, so please feel free to leave feedback on what you'd like to see.

  2. Does anyone know of a PC application that will allow editing of your home screen like this? I am disabled with somewhat limited mobility and I rather edit the home screen on my PC and then have it sync up. Itunes used to do this, but they removed that functionality a few years ago. Thanks for any help!!!

  3. I did this with my 11" M1 iPad Pro. Now, how do you get the dock to hide when not needed?

  4. Why are ppl posting these tutorials?!? If you don’t know how to move an icon if ur using an iPhone 13. You don’t deserve the phone … seriously useless information

  5. This is a very useful video. Looking forward to the follow up. QQ: The bottom 4 icons-are they able to be moved or able to be reduced to less than 4 or
    are there always going to be 4 icons at the very bottom? Just wondering

  6. U can swipe left or right with ur finger without taking the app to the edge of the screen

  7. I don't like the long press anywhere on home screen. It accidentally triggers all the time.

  8. I wish Apple would just let us put icons where we want, rather than anchor them to the top of the screen. It seems inconsistent with how they redesigned Safari, where someone seems to have the notion that things at the bottom of the screen are easier to tap.

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