46 thoughts on “Papers, Please – Trailer”

  1. Teacher: We will do a travel to Berlin.
    Girls: We are so excited, Berlin is such a beautiful city.

  2. The ending where you flee is actually better than the 20th ending, where you continue living in that piece of shit country

  3. Unfortunately, many people overlook it's message of government corruption, and the border's similarities with the Berlin Wall.

  4. Coming to a football match, pub, supermarket or restaurant near you soon. Who'd thought we'd be showing our papers in 2021!!
    You should do a covid passport game too

  5. Funny thing, I played this game years ago and now I have a job not related to inmigration, but really really similar, controlling documents and people's identities, following policies, playing Papers please's music in my head ???

  6. Why has this only been recommend to me now? Eight years late. I watched gameplay of the game before the trailer.

  7. I hope you can do a quick edit and resale ot as a covid edition. Easy money there. Your welcome.

  8. Why didn’t the trailer show a single person correctly making it through?

  9. Game trash,not in android,you know all man use Android you just sell 10$ you can make money you know

  10. 8/6/2021: Italy, the First application of the green pass obligation law.

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