Tekla Structures v2016 in 60 minutes

Tekla Structures v2016 in 60 minutes

This video shows an overview of Tekla Structures version 2016 for Steel.
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45 thoughts on “Tekla Structures v2016 in 60 minutes”

  1. Hai this is very useful for learning Tekla structures can you Please Give Short Cut Keys for Tekla visualization changes

  2. David
    I was wondering if there is a video about how to do batch files for tekla structures.
    Or is anyone here is familiar with how to do batch files? Can you indicate a good video about this?

  3. with no prior knowledge or experience, uncle wants me to apply at his steel detailing business and see if i can get in against other applicants. told me it has a 2 to 3 year learning curve, fuck me, what am i looking at?

  4. Thinking of switching from revit. This seems faster and more intuitive. To do all this we need to load so many components and the connection details are not as easy.

  5. Are you able to do a project related to Tekla and can able to provide me an NC file too? If yes then, please let me know asap. you need to finish that in 3 days. I can give offer you an exciting price. Drop an email to [email protected]gmail.com

  6. Hello guys

    Is there a difference in the designation between tekla structure version 16 / tekla 2016

    I see the screen is different


  7. Hi, why can not insert pdf reference on workplan ( only for The global coordinate system)?

  8. My plan 0 elevation, when i click general arrangement drawing only has "standard" in those"out of the box settings"

  9. Nice overview but i don't understand its purpose. I doubt is for training purpose. Is it so difficult for tekla to post an essential 3d modelling and a drawing creation youtube tutorial video…..and i mean with files that provide settings, dimensions etc? There are so many tutorials on the web which are more confusing than helpful. We don't work all in a steel fabricator but we have the desire to learn at least the basics of Tekla structures…..and don't tell me to contact my local support because the last time i sent them a message they replied a month later.

  10. Can we do analysis of weir and saddel supports for penstock pipes.(. New to tekla)

  11. sir please display your views in load calculation and design in tekla structures in building design also their are lots of confusion in load analysis of structure in tekla structure …

  12. hi
    why Whenever I want to create drawing from the Tekla program, the program stops working and a message appears that Windows can not execute the command ?
    please help my

  13. Hello Dear Concern, Software I am a Civil Engineer living in Dhaka Bangladesh. I want to learn this software for steel detaling. How can I learn it. Is there any course or training provided?

  14. thanks for the walkthrough. that staircase seemed pointing at an antigravity vector ;).

  15. Good evening. I would like to have Tekla. How can have one? Im from Philippines.

  16. HI
    IS NOT??

  17. Hi Tekla I am a Mechanical Engineer living in Melbourne Australia. I want to learn this software. How can I learn it. Is there any course or training provided?

  18. How to determine load on roof beam if there is trusses on roof beam. Thank u so much..

  19. sir theres lots of tekla structures which should be used for steel detailing…..?

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