Windows 7 on the iPhone/iPod Touch (dreamboard+aero)

Windows 7 on the iPhone/iPod Touch (dreamboard+aero)

Windows 7 on the iPhone/iPod Touch (dreamboard+aero)

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45 thoughts on “Windows 7 on the iPhone/iPod Touch (dreamboard+aero)”

  1. I still surprise people with my old iphone. They find it so amazing it looks & sounds like it's running windows.

  2. wow, it's amazing video for us.

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  3. This is awesome. I watch this video a while back & it helped me out. I love this. Especially when I open or close my iPhone you here the windows sound.

  4. Fuck that it fuck up my iPod and the jailbrake I can't even get rid of it it's crash a lot now cuz of this video

  5. Ok Jim. You cant install Cydia by App Store… You have to jailbreak to get cydia…

  6. What is Cydia??
    I'm trying to jailbreak my iPod touch 2g to iOS 6 any suggestions??

  7. since iOS 6.1.3, jailbreaking has been really hard, and thus the hackers will wait untill iOS 7, so you have to be 6.1.2 or lower to jailbreak and get cydia

  8. your stupid its a jailbreaken app wich you can customize your iphone or ipod touch with

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  10. This is NOT optimized for the new iPhone 5 or iPod touch 5 4'' screen. Please try it at your own risk.

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