24 thoughts on “Zoiper VoIP app Setup on Windows and IOS with 4COMMS VoIP | SIP Client Setup”

  1. The only problem with setting up Zoiper is knowing where to find the domain, username and password they request. The rest is easy, any monkey can do it. But you show where to get the info. Useless

  2. When we connect the zoiper call rings in headphones not in speaker, please help me to set.

  3. Thanks so much for this I have been wanting to know how to connect and use a phone through PC this content is so useful

  4. I made a sip account and connected to my friends server via zoiper and used it for testing. After that I deleted my zoiper but not my SIP account which was still connected to the server on my Android phone. I have only used my Sim Card to call after that . Are my calls recorded on that server?

    Would appreciate if you can help me out.

  5. Question, if I pay for the full version on iOS, does it mean that I can make unlimited calls?

  6. Hi there, Can I use the SIP Sever domain and port for my installation from Germany to call anywhere around the world? Or do I have to take a SIP Server for Zoiper for Germany? Thank you.

  7. I had a very bad experience using this dialler, very poor service I will never recommend this dialer.

  8. I installed zoiper but after the registration step it is showing error code 408. can you please help me out of it ???

  9. Just subscribed to your channel. btw, do you know how to record a call in zoiper?

  10. Yep dude video is awesome but I need to know how to get sip domain username and password

  11. How exactly do I know what's my SIP server name? Sorry I'm such a rookie when it comes to the whole voip world.

  12. Hi, Can U share, how to dialing from Zoiper on Cellphone to Zoiper on PC?🙏

  13. Hello! Thanks for the content. Just switched to iphone 11 from Android and one serious problem I'm experiencing with Zoiper is that I can't call with Zoiper from any other apps on the phone. In android I could just always select (or choose default) to call via either regular phone or Zoiper. Can you please give advice? During working hours I call only with Zoiper and it's extremly unconvenient to copy number, open Zoiper, paste and dial. Thank you!

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