Best FREE Teleprompter App for iPhone and iPad iOS (Includes Premium Features)

Best FREE Teleprompter App for iPhone and iPad iOS (Includes Premium Features)

This is the best FREE teleprompter app to record “selfie videos” on your iPhone or iPad in 2020 – and I’ve tested them all! It’s called “Teleprompter for Video” and works in both portrait and landscape mode. It has PREMIUM FEATURES without needing in-app purchases. By having the script scroll next to the front-facing camera lens, people can’t see that you are reading from a script – it looks like you are presenting naturally! You no longer need to memorise what to say – and instead you can focus on your performance!

Here is the App:

In this video I will demonstrate how to use the app, show its features, and do a recording demonstration in both landscape and portrait mode. It’s the best free teleprompter app for iPhone and iPad in 2020!

An awesome feature of this iOS teleprompter app is it also has a built-in subtitle generator, which is great if you are uploading a story or video to social media platforms such as Instagram, Instagram TV, LinkedIn and Facebook. I teach how to create subtitles for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn using this method. You can also export and upload the srt file that this app creates.

This app also works well inside a teleprompter device. However, I’d recommend the upgraded versions of “Teleprompter Premium” or “Promptsmart Pro” ($15-20) when using your iPhone/iPad inside a teleprompter device. Certainly one of the best overall teleprompter app iPhone!

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⏱️Table of Contents⏱️ for “Best Teleprompter App FREE for iPhone/iPad in 2020”
0:00 Best Teleprompter app 2020 *FREE*
0:23 How to use a teleprompter for Instagram stories
0:38 About the “Teleprompter for Video” app
1:10 How to use “Teleprompter for Video” a quick tour
1:40 How to set up the Teleprompter for best settings
3:19 How to set AE (exposure and focus) lock
3:49 How to import a script into the iPhone/iPad Teleprompter app
4:16 Use teleprompter in portrait or landscape mode
5:03 How to record video on iPhone with Teleprompter in landscape mode
5:30 How to save, share, add subtitles, images and text
6:32 How to record video on iPhone with Teleprompter in portrait mode
6:44 This apps script length limitation and workaround
7:23 How long to make your scripts for use on a Teleprompter
7:41 What to do next to Level Up Your Video Skills

This channel aims to inspire and educate busy professionals with all things video, on your device or desktop. I hope I can help you out, and please comment with any questions or feedback.

Level Up Your Video Skills with Tim Harris Video!

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35 thoughts on “Best FREE Teleprompter App for iPhone and iPad iOS (Includes Premium Features)”

  1. Hi I want a teleprompt to use with my ipad with remote control and filmng with my iphone wiht also on/off control – getting rather confused

  2. Hey the video quality after recording from front cam from this application is very low, kindly suggest what to do

  3. hello, tim. just downloaded this app. question… how do i switch to horizontal / lamdscape mode? it's on portrait and there's no option to switch to landscape

  4. I tend to want to use the camera on the other side of my phone (not selfie) as it is better quality. Any suggestions on how I would do this? Would I use two phones when I shoot? One to read and one to record?

  5. Hi Tim, thanks for the video. I learnt a lot. I just have difficulty syncing up the subtitles with me talking. I seem to be always be behind. Should I only speak when the script is going past the camera? Thanks for your help.

  6. why my teleprompter the letters not readable how to fix it .It is like when you are wearing tshirt then in front of mirror you cannot read those letter in front of the mirror because the letters is kinda backward or whatever you called that one

  7. Thank you, Tim! This video helped me out in a big way! I've already created 3 videos that were so much better because of the teleprompter app you reviewed. Great job!

  8. Thanks for the video, seems pretty easy to use. How do I control the speed of the teleprompter? thanks

  9. Mahalo Tim for an excellent app, well actually after i did check it out, i purchased it, it appears to be a good investment for what i want to do…Question Tim, how can i able to down load the movie from my phone onto my pc with paying a CODEC…thats what its says when i tried to download from my Google Drive onto my pc( because I want to see if i can use in my Davinci Resolve 18..Any suggestion Tim…Mahalo again Dana please lmk as soon as you can, Im making a "Celebration of Life" for my mother next month…

  10. Excellent video Tim. Professional, proficient with terrific use of live examples. Here are my questions:
    a) Can the video be edited in iMovie? Are these same video files extensions?
    b) Can I edit/merge, 3 x 1min video into 1 x 3 min video?
    c) Can script be copied to WORD, edited, and copied back into teleprompt file?
    d) Does teleprompt work with standard HoHem Gimbal face tracking software?

  11. This app only allows you up to 850 characters.. otherwise pay up for a longer script.

  12. Will this app use the advanced camera features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max? (Depth of Field blurred, wide angle + zoomed etc. )

  13. Can you use the app directly over and IG live? Is there a transparent mode that can be opened over another app?

  14. Does anyone know why I can’t get my camera to use the front facing camera and have the text move to that position. Right now, it will only go vertically. I have TRIED everything. It should just go automatically.

  15. Thanks Sir Tim, from first place i saw this app has a lot of good reviews so I downloaded this but unfortunately after I downloaded this app I check if there's for landscape and i can't find so i deleted it then i check at youtube , i saw your landscape thumbnail and watch how it works then the moment that i've known it it's was just so basic that i laughed? from myself hahaha then, I download it back, it help me so much to do my task . thanks to youu Sir! Merry Christmas ?

  16. Hi Tim. Not free to use all the functions of the app but can do quite a lot already, so thanks a lot. Did not catch the extension to the 1200 characters (instead of 750)…how to do exactly please? cheers

  17. Can I ask if the unlimited character package is to renew monthly or to use it forever? Thanks

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