Build Twitter App in iOS using Firebase

Build Twitter App in iOS using Firebase

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00:00 Twitter App
00:02:48 Connect to Firebase
00:12:15 design login page
00:20:52 Login to firebase
00:32:25 Pick image from Phone
00:36:30 Upload images to firebase
00:55:43 save to Firebase Data base
01:10:17 User Login segue
01:24:51 Add Post design
01:39:16 Post with image
01:56:31 Load post Without text
02:17:24 Post with image
02:29:47 Update post page to Show user name and image
02:49:34 Show person image
03:05:09 Chnage row height and show post date
03:10:59 save user login info
03:16:24 show Ads in App

#firebase #ios #swift

Project source code


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