Directly Record ANY iOS App Into Logic Using IDAM(Inter Device Audio + Midi)

Directly Record ANY iOS App Into Logic Using IDAM(Inter Device Audio + Midi)

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42 thoughts on “Directly Record ANY iOS App Into Logic Using IDAM(Inter Device Audio + Midi)”

  1. Hi, John. Great video! I've been trying for weeks trying to figure out how to get sounds from my iPad (esp. using AUM) into Logic Pro. I was about to give up, then I found your video. THANKS! Following your instructions, I was able to record the audio output of AUM on the iPad to Logic Pro!

    Toward the end of your video, you mentioned that we can also output MIDI from the iPad to Logic Pro. How do we do this?

    Is there also a way to send MIDI data from Logic Pro to an iPad app (esp. within AUM)?

    Thanks again for the great video! Best to you.

  2. Hi ,ive got a great DX7 type synth (fm player 2) on my iPad so can I record my midi , edit it then turn it into audio . That would be so cool . I’m a guitar player first so my keyboard skills are zero but I know what chords etc I need to play but they need tidying up after. Thank you for this helpful video

  3. Hey John, I'm sure you're aware by now but anyone reading the comments may find this useful. You can keep the midi as is and just bounce 'in realtime'.

  4. hi, good video 🙂 its works but the only pb is the recording, i have the sound and the signal but no red line, no recording … why?? it works on garageband but not logic .. help 🙂

  5. Bro u have not answered to my previous question1) is it compatible with old Mac 2011version
    2) is it compatible with 10.1
    3)if yes kindly help me with the right cables.

    Do answer & help

  6. Is there a way to record since app from my iPad to logic using iPad synth app keyboard without using an interface other than just going to USB? I hope my question make sense

  7. Dang John, you are a savior…lol. Thanks so much, I was having some trouble setting this up,
    how you do when it's the first go round but this cleared things up. Nice job making this real simple!
    I'm a new subscriber.Thanks again

  8. thanks a bunch for the video bro; loved what you played on the electric piano sound. was it a part of one of your tracks? , or just something casual that came to mind.

  9. Thank you so much! I have been trying for a month to get this to work and searching all over the internet with no luck.

  10. I have followed all these steps, it it won’t play through my Komplete Kontrol A49, only on the iPad.
    Am I missing anything?

  11. This is awesome thanks! So after recording the midi I could convert it to audio then record and different iso synth! Class ?

  12. Whoa! Is there a way to play iOS synth as External instrument in Ableton Live also?

  13. Hi, do you know why it doesn't record for me? I made sure all the input and everything is correct and I can hear the sounds on my mac when I play it on my laptop and Logic is picking it up. It records the audio track but it doesn't record on the midi track.

  14. this is so cool, i’m trying to work in the ios sounds from apps from audio kit

  15. As long time music teacher, conductor and shakuhachi player, I am so grateful for what you have shown here. I now have an amazing arsenal with which to create the coolest pieces. Thank you for making this iPad MIDI hook up clear. YES!

  16. .is it possible to record your gaming app on your ipad through your mac while using headphone on your ipad? I've tried recording it through quicktime player and it worked. it captured the audio perfectly but i couldn't hear my game so plugged my headphone on my ipad and the audio recorded was muted when i tried to watch the new recorded game. please help

  17. I get signals from my iPad, but when I hit Record, nothing gets recorded. Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong?

  18. For some reason mine wont track the midi in logic on the external device but the audio track works

  19. wow, just found this. great video mike, thanks.Would this work with the new auto-sampler in logic? Love the iPad Ravenscroft 275, Im off to have a go to see how it goes.

  20. Am I missing something? It will play my iPad audio great – it just won’t record it.

  21. Got another question, I know he said something about recording at the end but I missed it. If I have recorded a BeatHawk synth into Logic as midi. How can I make sure it plays when I disconnect the iPad? I'd also love to know how to bounce it with iOS synth sounds in there if possible? Seems a bit pointless if those iOS synths dont actually bounce or play when the iPad is disconnected. I'm sure I've missed something though! Help please!

  22. JM: I have a previously recorded ivory track that I want to change the sound to a ravenscroft. iOS sound. Is it possible to seek advice on how to get about this in logic x? Digging your channel sir?????

  23. Hi John, would this work in the other direction – setting the iPhone or iPad as an output? I’ve been trying to get my sound card or mixer output to play directly through my iOS device for live-streams (DJ set for example) and I do everything right except it doesn’t work. Always uses built in mic

  24. With the New Auto Sampling Function in Logic 10.5 you can sample your favorite sounds directly and automaticly into the logic sampler with all the layers and details that you want. I sampled my go to sounds from the moog model D – ipad app and use them in my logic projects. The same with my favorite FunkBox Kits.

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