How to Offline Activate EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional v14.2

How to Offline Activate EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional v14.2

This video is a guide to show you how to use the offline activation method to activate EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional v14.2. This method can be applied in the situation when:

1. Your computer does no have internet access.
2. You receive the Activation Failed error when trying to use your license code to activate the product.

By following this guide there’s a great chance you can successfully activate the product. If you have any questions related to this offline activation method, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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10 thoughts on “How to Offline Activate EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional v14.2”

  1. Look I lost my account and order number,
    I bought a program and I don't know what email to use,
    I am not saving that information, only the product key,
    and I did not read its rules, but if I have the key with it, they must activate the product, it is what the key is worth,

    I want you to say what the problem is because I get an invalid key, and I repeat I don't know what information I put when I bought it

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  3. after 1:13 where is that machine code? where is that new text document what you show but never mentioned where is it some local text file where you save that data? never shows which part of code you used to final step. I could find the missing part but I assume that lot of other customer not. Btw I hit dislike button

  4. I followed all steps,but when I reached the step where you enter the lisence code and the machine code, they told me that the code has been disabled…

  5. can u tell us the codes that you paste please, lisence ,machine code verification code

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