iOS 15 Tips and Tricks for Your iPhone!

iOS 15 Tips and Tricks for Your iPhone!

With the release of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 on September 20, Apple introduced millions of users to several of its new tentpole features for iPhone and iPad, such as Focus Mode, Notification Summary, a redesigned Safari, and more.

But beyond the headline features, Apple has also made numerous tweaks and changes to its mobile operating systems that aim to make the time you spend using your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌ more efficient, more functional, and more enjoyable.

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0:00 – Intro
0:09 – 1. Copy Links From a Tab Group
0:36 – 2. Password Lock a PDF Document
0:48 – 3. Customize Your Safari Start Page
1:06 – 4. Podcasts Keyboard Shortcuts
1:16 – 5. Delete or Rearrange Home Screen Pages
1:33 – 6. Custom Text Size Per App
2:02 – 7. Drag Apps from Spotlight to Home Screen
2:12 – 8. Use Text Selection Magnifier
2:24 – 9. Split View Apps in the Multitasking View
2:45 – 10. Use the Shelf View
3:08 – 11. Drag and Drop multiple images across applications
3:42 – 12. Use the New Small Calendar Widget
4:02 – 13. Disable Badge App Notifications
4:19 – 14. Invoke a Quick Note on iPad
4:41 – 15. Generate a Two-Factor Authentication Code
5:00 – 16. Give Your Memoji an Outfit
5:11 – 17. Reinstate Safari’s Top Address Bar
5:28 – 18. Use AR Walking Directions in Maps
5:45 – 19. How to Block Background Noise in FaceTime With Voice Isolation
5:57 – 20. Turn On Weather Precipitation Alerts
6:24 – 21. @Mention People in Notes
6:35 – 22. Use Tags in Notes
6:52 – 23. Use a Disposable Email Address
7:25 – 24. Turn on iCloud+ Private Relay
7:46 – 25. Share Your Health Data
8:00 – 26. Quickly Refresh a Webpage
8:09 – 27. Find Safari Extensions
8:24 – 28. Turn Off Website Tinting
8:40 – 29. Turn Off Camera’s Automatic Night Mode
9:01 – 30. Get Siri to Announce Notifications
9:18 – 31. Share What’s On Your Screen Using Siri
9:41 – 32. FaceTime Android Users
9:59 – 33. Use Camera to Scan Text
10:24 – 34. Use Background Sounds
10:39 – 35. Adjust Video Playback Speed
10:53 – 36. Translate Text Anywhere
11:06 – 37. Access Spotlight From Lock Screen
11:17 – 38. Mute Notifications for Individual Apps
11:28 – 39. View Photo Metadata
11:50 – 40. Use Auto Translate in the Translate App
12:10 – 41. Reduce Bass on a HomePod
12:26 – 42. Blur Your Background on a FaceTime Call
12:45 – 43. Search Photos in Spotlight
12:59 – 44. Add Apple Music Songs to Photo Memories
13:17 – 45. Locate Your Turned Off iPhone
13:42 – 46. Hide Content From Shared With You
13:57 – 47. View Your Shazam History
14:09 – 48. Zoom in With Quick Take
14:24 – 49. Turn on Spatialized Stereo
14:50 – 50. Skip Silence in Voice Memos and Adjust Playback Speed
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41 thoughts on “iOS 15 Tips and Tricks for Your iPhone!”

  1. i have seen tens of similar videos abut ios15, but didnt come across anything you just introduced 4 absolutely new feature that i didn't know..lovely content..the best!

  2. very detailed and i appreciate this in-depth but also quick overview of the ios 15 updates – my only issues is the title is a bit misleading since you said for "iphone" there were several "ipad" tips and ticks too so was a bit confused

  3. I got the iPhone 13 pro max in white 128gb and did an unboxing video on my channel! Absolutely love this phone. I also did a Spigen clear glitter case unboxing and try on, this is a great case if anyone is wanting a clear but slimming case for the 13 pro max. Love this iPhone =)

  4. Thank you so much. I thought I have to buy a new one but just fixed it after watching ur video.

  5. Your video has answered my questions. Thank you very much for sharing this method that works for all platforms.

  6. If you’re teaching people to use these features you talking and moving way too fast

  7. Yay??????? there,s trick for your I phone this so really cool ? by the way too .

  8. Wow this is something I just love this video bcz now I know what is IOS 15 ?? great work sir ? great job ?

  9. Can’t get (iPhone)Siri to tell me the battery charge status on my watch & vice versa …..anyone else ?

  10. I have iPhone 13 pro; I only have the menu option of “announce calls” followed by “My Information” any suggestions? I’m mid 60’s not very iPhone savvy! Love the video.

  11. 14:37 I only see spatial audio on off. I don’t see head tracked or fix option even when long pressed. I’m using APP.

  12. Holy Cow! That was a lot of information I wouldn't have known had I not watched this video. Thank you for sharing! Not sure how many of those tips I will actually use but, it's nice to know I have the information available.

  13. I spent half the video trying to wipe that black spot on your table off of my screen. Now I have to watch it again and look at the other side of your table so I’m not distracted! Lol

  14. Eh Wow!!!! really very good, SO helpful now I understand my I Pod Max better because I have Dolby Atomos I do not get to see the choices in spatialIZE audio ??? ✨

  15. Hey is there an issue with camera freezing on iPhone 13 ? I have 15.1 beta .. please lmk

  16. Great video, Dan, thank you. With my AirPods Pro, I don’t get the option for “Head Tracked” in Spatialize Stereo. It’s only an on/off toggle and doesn’t expand. Is that exclusive to the AirPods Max? Thanks.

  17. I am super annoyed with 50+ or 100+ new small changes every time Apple release a new iOS. Having to learn these countless new additions is a waste of my time.

  18. I wish Apple would fix apps not automatically arranging themselves automatically when an app is deleted or added to a screen. I’d also appreciate the option to not have the apps in the dock reset to stock when I reset screens.

  19. Changing the text size within all my banking apps didn’t work. They were all set to maximum anyway. I still need to get out some reading glasses or in bright weather do a screenshot and zoom in.

  20. Thank you for always using the correct word for the ellipsis menu, that every other human calls: "three dots". It saddens me to see our modern world reverting back to the past. First with the use of hieroglyphics e.g. "emoji" and lately initialization e.g. OMG, because people today can't be bother to speak in complete sentences.

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