Xcode for Windows (2020) – iOS app development on Windows using MacStadium

Xcode for Windows (2020) – iOS app development on Windows using MacStadium

While there isn’t an official release of Xcode for Windows, I’ll show you step by step how to do iOS development with Xcode on a Windows PC using the best solution for people who want to try app development without the up front investment of buying a Mac.

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00:00 Intro
03:26 What you will learn here
03:44 Register to MacStadium
07:16 TightVNC
10:55 Download Xcode from the Mac App Store
12:31 Hello, World!
15:30 The Simulator
16:30 Outro

Xcode Cheatsheet (for Win keyboard layout):

MacStadium Sign up:
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My guide for Xcode on Windows:


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Hi I’m Chris! I’m dedicated to teaching fundamentals about how to make an app. This is important if you’re trying to land an iOS job, be a freelancer, increase or start a business with an app idea. On this channel and my website, you’ll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey to learn iOS development. Many people have learned to code and build apps on their own!

About this video:
Every day, I get people asking me how to download Xcode on Windows or how to do iOS app development if they’re on a PC. In the past, I used to just send a list of PC alternatives for Xcode but in this video, I decided to dive deeper with a step by step tutorial on how to set up one of these Windows alternatives.

I’ll be honest, getting access to a physical Mac computer is going to be the best solution but if that’s just not possible for you, then the method I demonstrate in this video is probably the next best option.

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28 thoughts on “Xcode for Windows (2020) – iOS app development on Windows using MacStadium”

  1. QOTD ⚡Are you interested in doing iOS app development but don’t have a Mac? Leave a quick comment and let me know!? Download my Xcode Cheatsheet designed specifically for Windows Users (PC Keyboard Layout) ➡️ http://bit.ly/xcodeforwindows

  2. Well this is to much for me, i hate to say it! But i think i am gonna buy a macbook or imac, ?

  3. So can i ask …. If i a make the app on put it on the app store can android users still download it on their app store?

  4. Chris, I have an HP Envy 2021 laptop run by windows, can I create apple apps and publish them. If so how? Do I need to install a program, can I also publish android apps as well.

    Do I need to purchase a MAC pro

  5. Hello Chris, I have a Mac but it is an old version and I can't install Xcode. Is there a way to install it on old Mac computers? I have a Macbook Air year 2014.

  6. I'm not about to get an overpriced piece of garbage just to do watchOS development for my boss. Thanks!

  7. If you don't want to spend any amount of money, please skip this video. I wasted my time, hopefully you won't

  8. Uhh.. Can i ask yoh that can we make an app for both os using xcode.. If this id wrong. Sorry that i am new to this area

  9. I bought a 2014 i5 11" MacBook Air and OF COURSE I have the determination to build an app the night before the damn thing arrives

  10. How does this work? Most people who are watching thus tutorial in the first place don’t have a Mac so why would you need to connect your windows pc to a Mac when if you had a Mac you could just use that rather than connecting to pc. You still have had needed to own a Mac to follow this tutorial.

  11. is it posible of building a mac OS onto a raspberry pi? im sort of… lacking in the money part of life and sort of just enjoy playing with custom things like card games and dice games with my family, so i mess with unity and at the moment we just… use a RLY slow android, i always wanted to try and get an old ipad for unity stuff!! but never could find a decent way to build test apps to ios, im only testing on my brothers old iphone 5 but i would like to buy a ipad IF i can build to IOS without the store and stuff AND without buying a mac 😀 any advice would be greatly helpful and thank you for the video!! 😀

  12. Honestly, $109 a month for macstadium that price is pretty steep. I would only need to use it incremental times throughout the month. Mainly 1 day a month max. 109 a month is way too much to have access to mac features.

    This is why i HATE APPLE.

  13. I have an ipa file of my app a developer created for me. I'm trying to upload to my Apple developer account but I understand I need to do that through a Mac. Can I use MacStadium to do that? I don't have a Mac and am hoping this is a solution.

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